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Learn more about our controlled grazing systems used for hazard reduction, weed management, and land regeneration

Contract Goat Grazing

Our contract goat grazing services involve targeted Cell grazing. Cells are fenced with electric netting into sections for the goats to eat down all the unwanted vegetation before they are moved onto the next Cell. All our jobs are supervised by us, our employees and/or cameras. No job is without supervision and monitoring.

 We provide contract grazing for:

  • Hazard reduction in Asset Protection Zones
  • Conservation Zones
  • Weed Management
  • Forestry
  • Fire Breaks
  • Access ways
  • Farmland vegetation management (weed management, crop management, soil health using rotational grazing)
  • Organic vegetation clearing for properties overrun and unusable due to high quantities of growth.

Why Goat Grazing?

  • Goats can graze where machinery cannot go (heavily wooded areas, steep slopes, rough terrain etc).
  • Goats love to eat what is unpalatable to sheep and cattle.
  • Goats minimise the spread of weeds as their stomachs digests most of the seeds (studies have shown this).
  • Slashing often leads to cut vegetation drying and causing another hazard.
  • Spraying can lead to soil deficiencies and poisoning.
  • Goats are moved Cell to Cell in a matter of days to minimise footprint.
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How is Grazing done?

We use a grazing system that divides our contracted area into Cells. Cells are roughly an acre each. After the perimeter of the Cells is cut to specifications (that can be either by us, by mitigation or by you if you want to cut costs) we set up our fencing. We primarily use electric fencing and some metal panels we use for gates for in between Cells (or if the length is too short for another electric fence).

After our goats are let in to feast, they are supervised by us or a member of our team. This could vary from full time supervision depending on how remote the site is, to twice a day if it’s a private property. This can be negotiated.

Bottom line is, our goats are important to us. They are never left unsupervised on a site and retaining the bond we have with them is important. For us and especially for them. Goats are far more intelligent than many give them credit for and love to know they’re being looked after.

What can you expect from Contract Goat Grazing?

The aim for the goats is to eat down as much dry vegetation and unwanted weeds as possible. This depends on the season they are contracted for and the vegetation in the area. No site is the same!

The goats are fenced with electric netting into the sections so that they eat down all the unwanted vegetation in that particular cell before being moved to the next cell. All the jobs we do are well supervised and monitored in person by our employees. We also have the camera set up around the site. Everything is taken care of by the Valleyview Farm and Goats team.

If you are wanting to regenerate a native landscape, then your goal would be to have the goats eat down as much unwanted vegetation as possible to begin planting with native and wanted species. Revisiting these sites with goats would be important as well to hinder any underlying growth and spread of weeds and enable the important development of desired species.

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